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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Forbes recently released 2014 list of the world's hundred brand value. Apple topped the list of brand value of $ 124.2 billion (about 763.9 billion yuan) - up 19 percent over last year, is second in the Forbes brand list in Microsoft's nearly twice as much. Strong brands and innovative products, making Ap cheap jordans online ple the past 13 years by issuing iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes to subvert the four industries, apples next to subvert the industry is smart watches and payment services, its leading products are Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Apple pulled the high price of the product up to 33% operating margin, in a fiscal year ending in September, Apple free cash flow of up to $ 50 billion cheap foamposites (about 307.5 billion yuan). Microsoft's $ 63 billion (about 387.5 billion yuan) brand value ranked second after San Lianping up 11% over last year. Microsoft to PC, software licensing model, and strive to cloud computing transition has recently achieved great success. in mobile phones and tablet PCs, Microsoft is not too great. Forbes researcher Reibstein said: "To ca Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping tch up with rivals, Microsoft has a lot of work to do that it must strive to overcome the past few years in the brand's disadvantage.." Google brand value increased 19 percent to $ 56.6 billion (about 348.1 billion yuan), ranking up two to the third place. Although Google has become the generic term for the search area, but make Google and Kleenex, Xerox and other brand cheap jordans for sale mens s to distance the huge annual revenue is derived from advertising. Over the past 12 months, Google before interest, profit before tax was $ 16 billion (about 98.4 billion yuan). 2013 Google ad spending was $ 2.8 billion (about 17.2 billion yuan), it is one of the largest technology giant advertising spending. Reibstein said: "The brand awareness is high makes it much trus Cheap air jordan 12 ovo t Google, Google's success is partly about trust." In the highest value of 100 big brands, the fastest growing Facebook, its brand value grew 74% to $ 23.7 billion (about 145.8 billion yuan), ranked No. 18. Although a number of surveys have shown that teenagers use Facebook in the decrease, but the number of 864 million daily active (September data) users make Facebook Retro jordans for sale valuable brand. Facebook most recent quarter revenue growth of 59%, which accounted for 92.5% advertising revenue. Other advances in relatively large brands including Amazon (brand value increase of 45%), Starbucks (up 25 percent), Toyota (up 22%) and Nike (up 22%). (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: baby Ah & nb cheap jordans for sale sp; backgammon shoes.)Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 black flames red and white color sample 2013-12-08 22:14:34 This year 2K4 officially engraved back, a lot of color is also logged on store shelves, and the summer Olympic Games in London with the conduct of the Olympic color of 2K4 will also be available worldwide. now appear on eBay a sample version of a never commercially a Retro jordans for sale vailable black red and white color of the flames, shoes with black color and nubuck leather mix and match, the details and midsole coupled with red flames, entire section footwear Mensao low-key sense of lacking.Huarache has through the launch of this year various classic color and declared the his the return of the king, and its relatively low-key nike air huarache light Cheap air jordans for sale , although not as good as the other chiefs shoes as always in the limelight, but almost a month a color rhythm in maintaining exposure rate at the same time, but also get a lot of fans, overwhelmed by the release of black and white two-color design changed to all relative fancy color combinations is more calm and low-key. we never care about the news, you look at the end, cheap jordan shoes for men there are endless micro-blog WeChat search, Dunkhome, press carry shoes whenever and wherever possible. Source: sneakernewsreported yesterday, NIKE will go on sale in 2013 of the Koston "TIFFANY" shoes for everyone, many of my friends said to wait until next year, really a little wistfully. Fortunately, the humanized NIKE companies have already thought of it first, then introduced the KOSTON black and brown color let you too dry addiction, but also for the next year's Koston "TIFFANY" shoes to do a market preheat. There is no other difference than the color scheme. If only from the angle of skateboarding, these two pairs of shoes can be said no difference. Like SB series of friends, may as well put it into the bag, after all, SB has always been a rare number of pronouns. source: Livestock St. Patrick's Day annual St. Patrick's day will become the most important holiday in Ireland, and this is not very familiar to people in the East after the holiday, in major sports shoes companies frequently launched the festival, slowly understand. Every year on this special day, green has become one of the most important decorative color, because in the traditional Irish green symbolizes good luck. Recently, NIKE with a whole body green customized shoes Nike, Free, Run, ID meet with us. With Chinese traditional color natural needless to say, plus the new shelves ID shoes can harness this pair of very challenging color, you see? source: solecollector

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