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1. usually rarely run or run a short distance, the game suddenly increase the distance while also improving the speed. game is the training of the mirror, if you want to participate in the game, then it must be trained, otherwise do not participate in the game. 2. training is not the law, a sudden increase in the distance or speed too fast. increase and change is a prerequisite for improvement, but must have a degree, it is recommended not to increase the magnitude of more than 10% per week. 3. has set high goals for himself. based on past training and performance to devel Retro jordans for sale op a reasonable goal, or follow the familiar with their own expert advice. When the 4. state is not good, still force oneself to carry on the training of the big strength. It is advisable for to take temporary rest and passive rest in time. 5. in the continuous fatigue of the state, to participate in the game or the intensity of training. reduce competition, reduce the intensity of training, it is a good runner. 6. people for a long time or run speed zhengjianghaoqing, soared steep over the limit and people. can take the opportunity to improve, but there should be a reason cheap foamposites able degree. 7. lack of sleep, diet, work under pressure, such as poor living conditions, still a large intensity training. can not avoid the time, can only reduce the training intensity, to avoid the additional burden on the body. 8. do not want to eat, sleep, mental difference, muscle acid, fatigue, bad mood. this is a clear signal of fatigue, in time to rest or reduce the intensity of training. 9. do not want to run, hate running, slow, poor state or poor continuity. this is a clear signal of danger, take a rest immediately after a break, you should be careful to observ Retro jordans for sale e your physical condition. 10. for two consecutive days or more days to high intensity training. immediately adjust or rest for two days, in the future to avoid this situation as far as possible. 11. overestimate their ability, do not pay attention to the rest of the people in training. once the signal of physical fatigue, must stop the execution plan, forced to rest. 12. week day off too few people. It is necessary for the amateur to have a rest every 2 to 3 days a week. 13. older people are still excessive pursuit of success. is not the pursuit of no progress and fun, bu Cheap air jordan 12 ovo t there must be a proper sense of proportion. 14. knows that there is a small injury, still training and competition. small injury is necessary to raise the big, otherwise it is very easy to become a big injury. 15. every time the training will make every effort of the people. once a month to go all out, two times a week, the intensity of a large intensity, may be more appropriate. China Light Industry Association and China Leather Association in Beijing recently released the 2009 Annual Top 3 brand leather logo, Shishi shoe won the 2009 Chinese leading leather shoes cheap jordans online king, Chinese leather, leather shoes Wang China honorary title. Shishi leisure leather shoes industry has won the top three honorary titles of "true leather shoes" in China, which shows that Shishi is worthy of the name of "leisure shoes brand". 15 years, China leather industry trademark rights promotion and establish the leather logo, now has nearly 500 commercial use of leather logo, every 2 years the selection and publication real leather shoes, really leather, leather bags three categories leading brand, won the 2009 leading leather brand enterprises the title o cheap jordans for sale mens f the Chinese leading leather shoe king only 8 companies, only 10 China real leather shoes Wang, Chinese leather shoes a total of only 16, the total number of only 34, while the Shishi Fulin, Fu Sheng, jixiangniao shoes won 3 honorary title, Chinese leather shoes of 3 leading brand enterprises in Shishi, to China the leather industry say odd. Shishi leather shoes industry has a very obvious industrial advantage, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, has become the support of the local economic development of the second pillar industries. The city's annual ou cheap jordan shoes for men tput value of over billion yuan shoes rate of 13, Shishi has formed a distinctive, with leisure leisure shoes industry cluster of comparative advantage. Shishi leisure shoes production and export volume ranking Chinese forefront, the city's above scale industrial shoe enterprises with annual sales value of about 7 billion yuan, the export delivery value of about 1 billion 500 million yuan, about 20 of the proportion of 25%% production for export, in the last year under the background of international financial crisis, annual export growth is still more than 50%%. Such as C Cheap air jordans for sale hina really shoes Wang Linsen brand shoes, domestic sales accounted for more than 70%%, exports accounted for about 30%%; the proportion of China leading leather shoes Wang Fuguiniao leather shoes inside, each accounted for 50%%, an important goal this year is to bring products to the U.S. market. Shishi shoe industry nearly 20 years of development, has made brilliant achievements, which China leisure shoes are position, Shishi leisure shoes brand enterprises have become the main force in the high-end market, become the outstanding group of industry wide brand, in the "n cheap jordans for sale ational light industry restructuring and revitalization plan" under the guidance of the face of international the challenges of the financial crisis, Shishi leisure shoes are adjusting and revitalization efforts to achieve the transformation and upgrading, the world leisure shoe brands are moving. (Editor: admin)Air Jordan 2 is very easy collocation, while the Jordan brand is also at this time for spring and summer brings a new design. This kind of adhering to the 1987 classic style, at the same time by the reconstruction of minimalist shoes and pure blessing, interested Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping friends may wish to pay more attention to. air-jordan-2-decon-thunder-blue.jpg (622.86 KB, download number: 27) download Air Jordan 2 Decon 2017-4-8 08:53 upload air-jordan-2-decon-thunder-blue-1.jpg (678.04 KB, download number: 27) download Air Jordan 2 Decon 2017-4-8 08:53 upload air-jordan-2-deconstructed.jpg (682.05 KB, download number: 24) download Air Jordan 2 Decon 2017-4-8 08:53 upload air-jordan-2-decon-bordeaux.jpg (407.39 KB, download number: 25) download Air Jordan 2 Decon 2017-4-8 08:53 Air upload Jordan 2, Decon 00get a golden Grammy trophy has been a goal pursued by many singers, the 57-year history of the awards ceremony is undoubtedly music circles equivalent Oscar. The A $ AP Rocky do not think so, in a recent interview with the program file, Rocky would reveal his true thoughts on this award to host Scott Aukerman. For gold album (album sales reached 50,000) phenomenon will soon disappear, Rocky said: "In today compared to the 1990s, it has no concept of a gold album, and even that record gold has disappeared, only gold MP3, instead of hanging before gold record on the wall, simply, now the music is just on the computer, the hard disk data nothing more. "A $ AP Rocky without cover today's music industry he works less and less respect for the singer and dissatisfaction with the development of digital music too, so I think Grammy is just a bunch of data, loss of former real sense of presence. although Griffin's latest Nike Jordan Super.Fly 4 in China early in the first shelves, but in the United States today before the official on sale. For Jordan Brand specially for the shot the latest advertising films, the theme is the slam dunk contest: Griffin vs Marvin the Martian and video we see Bugs Bunny also arrived at the scene to help out. If you are still hesitant in a pair of Griffin's new boots, then watching the video below, you may move. Video need to view the original view. /〉〈brget reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! 〈/br/〉

Tag: super cheap foamposites , jordan 12s new releases , all blue 2s , lebron 11 superhero

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